E. Chabot has been manufacturing the finest jewelry for over 25 years. Located in the heart of NYC's fashion and accessory districts. Our direct sourcing capabilities allows us to provide the best quality jewelry in the market. Our self-owned factories allow us to cut costs of the middle-man and provide the sharpest pricings to all our clients. Our clients consist of the largest retailers in the world, from jewelry to department to big box chains.  

E. Chabot is dedicated to serve each and every clients needs and has invested in each team member to ensure so.. The sales and production teams are constantly impressing clients by going the extra mile and delivering  unexpected results. Our designers have worked with many of the largest designer brands and have inspired to create the latest trends in fine jewelry. 

From our manufacturing and sourcing to our designers, sales, and production teams, we have built ourselves one of the most reputable names in the fine jewelry industry. We look forward to continue as one of the leading companies in the industry and serving our clients.

E. Chabot has been an active participant in social responsibility.  Today as we invest in our future we continue to be strong in the CSR area, continually making advancements in social, environmental and ethical standards throughout our operations.  We incorporate sustainability into all we do nationally and internationally.  E. Chabot is committed to ethical and responsible manufacturing of our products with attention to responsible sourcing of materials and also has established a Supplier Code of Conduct to insure our suppliers are conducting business in an ethical and responsible way as well.  We continually strive to reach a common goal of building a socially responsible supply chain.